Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kudo's from the state legislature on our modification practices

Here is a copy of an email that State Representative, for the Oregon Legislature, Sal Esquivel forwarded to the entire State Government in regards to the work we do for Business owners & home owners facing obstacles with their mortgage.

Also, for today's highlight, it looks like we will be able to save about $1400 a month on my newest client's payments (starting at $2700). The average savings right now is around $650 a month. I love it when we're able to save more than $1000 and keep someone in their home!

"From: Rep Esquivel
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:27 PM
There has been much discussion regarding Loan Modification Companies - I thought you would find this article, with statistics, interesting reading. We have a company in Medford that is doing a stellar job and they are fighting the media all the time regarding all the free programs and easy touch button refies!! We all know there is no free lunch and with loan modifications the same is true. Everyone dealing with foreclosure or upcoming difficulties with their mortgage - whether it comes from a live change - divorce, loss of job etc - or a bad choice when the home was purchased, everyone should have someone working for them that understands the system.

Kindly - Sal

Sal Esquivel
State Representative
District 6
900 Court St NE H485
Salem, OR 97301

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