Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today is first day of the rest of my life, or is that tomorrow?

I feel like some crazy person! I'm going to start my own business... yeah yeah, the chances of it being successful are one in a ten thousand, right? Most businesses fail in the first 2 years... or so many are brainwashed to believe.

According to Why not not start a start-up They blew those age (or maybe 20-30 year old) sayings out the window. Y Combinator, which hosts essay's from University of California at Berkeley claimed that 4 out of 8 start-ups they followed for nearly two years were successful. "So here is an even more striking statistic: 0% of that first batch had a terrible experience. They had ups and downs, like every startup, but I don't think any would have traded it for a job in a cubicle. And that statistic is probably not an anomaly. Whatever our long-term success rate ends up being, I think the rate of people who wish they'd gotten a regular job will stay close to 0%." - http://www.paulgraham.com/notnot.html

So that guys, tells you a lot.
I have been a branch manager for (ahem) the 6th largest bank in the nation for the last year, and regardless of how great and admirable of a company it is, I can't stomach the thought of working "for the man" anymore.
A friend of mine said "M, you are going to find your dream job. I just know it" I argued with her, telling her no, I'll find another job that gives me valuable experience in a creative industry, but it won't be my dream job (I'm sorry guys but regardless of my enthusiasm, how excited can I REALLY get over direct deposit and overdraft fee income?) because it isn't out there, I don't want to work for anyone else anymore. I want to run my own consulting firm eventually, or just be an investor. In my perfect world I'd be heading my own campaigns for possibly non-profit or at least some cause that I really believed in. I'd still be the boss, but as any of my branch employees would tell you (and my former boss) My employees would have one helluvah fun time with me.

I got a little bummed, trying to figure out how I was going to make my break from banking in finance to pursue a more creative outlet. Other than writing, I am not an artist. I am not super talented in the fine arts (I can hold my own) I am not a musician (I can play piano, but playing by ear and no patience to practice isn't saying much). I do have an ear and an eye for beauty. I am an idea person and I can sell my ideas. I am passionate and I want to help people.
I knew deep down I was the creator of my destiny, I just kept being wishy washy about what it was...Law school? No, knowing me I'd pass the bar and opt to become a photographer. Writing? Thats a hobby, I have to make my money somewhere else first...

I even put together this fabulous resume. I designed it like a magazine article, or newsletter. I thought wow... who is this person? I want to meet her! I outlined my work in parliament's house of commons in london and lobbying in D.C. bragged about my leadership skills. I mean I was really full of myself in this piece of work. After sending it to a couple PR firms I actually called my mom a day later and said "umm.. yeah, why is no one calling me? can't they see how great I am, I mean whats there not to be impressed by?" LOL. My mom laughed at me.

I laughed too. I know I'm great. Not that great, but kinda. lol.

I felt like I had so much potential that I wasn't living up to! I mean... I remember being a college level student body president, working 30 hours a week for another bank, maintaing a full school schedule, a boyfriend and a fairly active social life. What the hell happened to me?
Life happened...I got recruited back into my "back-up" plan.

Well I'm done with that. At 26 years old, I'm too young to be working my "Back-up" plan.

I've helped people with PR and marketing ideas, hell I've volunteered free time for locals, non profit documentary, music etc.... I asked another band I knew of if they needed any PR help the other day and they jumped at the chance.
I love PR, I love image, I love music, I love helping others succeed.
I want to run a consulting firm, I want to own lots of real estate
I want to be an impact on the community...
Am I an idiot giving it all away for free?

DUh, so I'm going to put together my business plan, get ahold of my contacts (which of course there are many) get my fabulous software together and try launching my first of many business ventures. Grass roots booking agency for local bands. Aha! A hobby that I would love to do full time.

This is going to effect my life in so many ways that I really don't feel like talking about right now....
But I've decided I'm not going to waste any more time.

This "M" is the first day of the rest of your life.... muwhahahaha!!

I'll keep you all updated on this tulmultuous, but aspired ride.

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Kristi Danielson said...

Wow Mandy... reading your blog actually inspired me to pursue my goals. Hey, if the business doesn't work out (and I know it will :-), you should consider becoming an inspirational speaker. lol. I really hope all of this works out for you. You've worked hard for what you want in the past so I have no doubts about your success with your business. YOu should call me and tell me more, maybe I could help out in some way. It's all very interesting! Talk to you soon! ...and see you in July!
loves and laughter,
Kristi Lynn