Friday, April 27, 2007

Update to a former Boss/ now friend

(He asked me in the latest email) How are the the kid and the hubby?

My email response which seems to be a decent update:
AHH I swear I thought I told you that "Yat " and I separated. Maybe I didn't. Who knows. We are good friends though and I'm very close to his family.
How much does a supervisor/manager make under you? Ha ha... no I am starting my own company, going after what I really want. I have no idea where and how I'm going to make lots of money. BUT I WILL!!! Hahahaha! I'm in a really good mood about it. I have my house/ mortgage payment, and Gwendolyn so I can't just up and leave for a job across the country... especially BUFFALO (What the hell would I do in Buffalo, besides freeze?) in addition to the fact that I want to be my own boss now.

I'm really excited about my new company. I'm calling it Savage Artists. Essentially It will be a consulting firm, providing creative solutions (connections) for all artists in the Northwest, specifically Portland, Grass roots. I have two clients right now, but I don't get paid until I produce for them, so I am scrambling! I'm currently working on a proposal with Umpqua Bank, for Savage Artists to present (and Umpqua, along with other merchants) sponsor a summer concert series for Local bands, it will be a fundraiser for 2 large local charities in which all proceeds will go to (other than my cut for organizing it).

I am also working as a gatekeeper, business developer for an outstanding but very small design firm based out of Bellingham Washington.

Once I have some projects completed with these guys I will be launching my website, which I am working with another small Portland design company on...
My goal is to create a website, similar to Craigs list..( well not QUITE so community based, but it will have a similar feel) - specifically for Northwest Artists. I will have a gallery for fine artists and photographers, I will have an events/promo and booking area for bands and links to designers and photographers. It will be a semi-community website, however, I have to make money somehow, so I will be paid commissions on services rendered, organized through me, products sold, events organized and booking and promoting of musicians and other artists. I will be promoting and fundraising for charities in Portland as well. I haven't figured out if I'm going LLC or non-profit yet....

My business plan isn't really off the ground yet, so as you can see I'm somewhat floundering my way through all of this... BUT I love it!!!! We'll see where this goes!!

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