Friday, May 11, 2007

Day by day

Well, I am still not launched, fully, nor will I be in June. I do not mind however! I have full plans to be launched within 6 months- come rain or come shine.
My overzealous nature is learning a lot about making sure this isn't some slap stick operation. I'm learning all kinds of things about web development... lingo like Perl & Python (outside of our narrow view of html & java) and ruby.. and ruby on rails are actually starting to make sense to me. I feel like when I'm "interviewing" web developers to assess if their tricks and tools will be worthy of my pocket book I actually am starting to sound like I know what I'm talking about (well maybe it's just a few ingrediants I have down such as SEO, tracking e-commerce BLABLABLA and the rest is bullshit) Ha. I might sound like I'm getting the hang of it, but it's more like a hang nail on my thumb is what I get.. At least I'm aware of this and I'm still at it. Every day my vision gets more clear and every day I'm getting more excited. I've thought of two other projects I'm going to tackle once I get the company off the ground and it's mind boggling that steam isn't coming out of my head... or maybe it's just invisible. : )

So all I'm doing now, is continuing to research.... deal with a "I'll be three in June" little person who needs a lot of my attention and trying to create marketing plans for my existing clients... oh yeah I'm thinking about doing some VERY time consuming financing as a way to generate the income I need for this huge website investment I'm doing. I already know it will generate all the cash I need, I just hate taking time away from what I really want to be doing. Oh well... it IS an investment and I'm going to give myself 6 months of doing this financing. Once 6 months comes, I'm done with it regardless of how much I have for my website and other investments needed to really launch this with a little dignity.

Other than getting bogged down some times with the how.. and obviously juggling a 2 year old's demands (which I feel like I'm her slave sometimes). I am LOVING life. I can not begin to explain the freedom of expression and control I have over my life right now and I am so happy to share this with everyone, and continue to be inspired by all of my friends and family's support and insight.... as well as stranger's.

The big picture is so exciting when I think about launching. I can not WAIT to promote my company. I was sitting with a friend at the Green Room on 23rd & Thurman the other night, listening to Stephan Ashbrook. My friend was making fun of me because I normally walk up to people anytime to introduce myself or talk to them and I wanted to talk to Stephan SO badly about what I was doing and to give him a heads up. Instead I was hemming about it... but at the same time I feel silly when I'm not ready to really promote it yet. I don't want to sound like some re re saying "Hi I'm like... so in love with your music.. I'm starting a company and I if you are interested I can help you with publicity and or sales! I don't have a card on me, and I don't have a website either.. my space? No I haven't done anything... But don't forget about me!"
How awful!
The only reason I don't have any of those things is because of how freaking cautious I am being. I've realized the value of putting more of my focus on working with my currently clients and doing a great job with them, before I can bite off more than I can chew... SO instead what do I say to Stephan Ashbrook? "Can you please play whiskey and a gun?" He smiled ever so genuinely and says no worries.. I'll play "Scotch and a Hand gun next (wink)"

AHHH!! I'm such an ass. Grrr...

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