Monday, July 9, 2007

Don't let anyone talk me out of this : )

It's been nearly two months since I wrote anything.

I have been entirely too excited and burnt out to do anything! My vision is still pretty clear... and unfortunately with the lack of funds that occurred 3 months ago... I have had to take on some other work that is keeping me (time wise) from building my business.. but it will be providing ample funds to put 100% focus into it... within about 6-9 months.

That is the plan. I am not waivering on it at all. I am just ready to begin and devote 100% to this... I will very soon. I'm learning so much about time management... and realizing that what I want to do is something I can not do alone. I need people's advice, ideas, help/planning/work. I can not believe how big this vision of mine has gotten. It has to be done.

I almost wish that there was something like it.. identical in fact, in another city in which I could go and copy.. C'mon- do I really seem like the girl to "re-invent" the wheel? But where the heck is this wheel? We all know that it's recognized to be a pioneer of something.. but the pioneer is usually the guy paving the way for everyone else to succeed... not as much as themselves. It's almost as if they are building the vision and dreams for others, yet I want to reap the rewards of this, not just pave it for everyone else!


Art, music, photography, design... those are all the aspects of this idea I want to surround myself with.

I am planning on building a consulting firm, which supports local (NW based) Art, relating to all areas. We all know the mantra "Think Global, Support Local".

I need to find my niche though. I have lots of potential clients that would love to work with me and I still can't figure out who and what to charge. For some I just set up contracts to be paid on commission for business accounts developed. Meaning I don't get paid til my client (the artist) gets paid. A lot of what I want to do though is consulting.... and I need enough money to live on for 6 months to a year while I'm getting the business development side set up...

So I'm working with contacts still @ Umpqua Bank for the summer concert in support of local music. Thats going well, other than bands who have been together for at least 2 years + were breaking up right before we are scheduling the concert. Learning that some art forms can be a dime a dozen... even when you think you've found a rare coin. You realize the coin itself doesn't really care that its rare.
I have a few other clients I've started relationships with, I unfortunately have to spend my time making money to get this spaceship off the ground. It can be very frustrating.

Then let the good times roll.
I can NOT wait for this to fully form. The only reason I am waiting is my lack of time...

"The number one problem that keeps people from winning today is the lack of belief in themselves."

Well I decided a few months ago to stop contributing to that problem. : )

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