Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't worry bout what you don't know

Been Awhile.
WOW... I have procrastinated.
Here is a list of what I've done in the last 4-5 months...
  • Put together a summer music series
  • CANCELLED the summer music series
  • Was tempted back into banking/business development, not once but three times a lady...
  • Didn't do it
  • Lost my wallet in San Francisco... talk about a ME thing to do.. took an hour for a security clearance in the airport.
  • Been accused of being BRILLIANT... but when I screw up, man , I screw up huge (whatever would this person be referencing...the world may never know)
  • Put all my music/art consulting on hold
  • Partnered up with a Doctor and a small group of IT guys to come up with a new business plan, having to to do with Real estate and lending
  • In the middle of locking an investor with our new Business plan/model/executive summary/marketing plans
  • Currently looking for $700,000- Any takers? contact me and I'll give you the executive summary... (real estate/lending lead generation etc... AMAZING.. I'm tellin ya)
  • Trying to lose weight, as I know O magazine or WIRED is going to be contacting me in a few months for a personal interview and photo shoot... Gotta look good for the camera!
  • Did a couple 5 & 10k short marathons... nothing to write home about...but hey I did em.
  • Rapped (yes 50 Cent) my food order to a waiter...something about pad thai, and him needing to check his fly...
  • Read the Four Hour Work KUDOS! (or as my friend Terri would say HOLLER- not to be confused with HOLLAH)
  • Fantasizing daily about my next trip to Europe (next SPRING), and my house somewhere in Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, or Buenos Aires...
  • Made the decision to do more jumps this snowboarding season.. quit wimping out on them.
  • Waking up every day grateful that I'm focused on what I want to be doing with my present and future, and not looking back out of fear of the unknown...

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