Thursday, October 30, 2008


One of my friends/ex colleague, calls me up now & again in need of a fashionista to go shopping with him. He cares about appearances... but is also somewhat of a mama's boy who rely's on a women's opinion to make sure he's dressed well for the other ladies ; )

This last trip was about an hour an a half long. So after about 7 or 8 pair jeans, a small stack of shirts and jackets... our guy walked out a happy man, with a few new key essentials. I like helping my friend out because he's a good listener. He does have somewhat his own sense of style, and it gives me good feedback for what he likes... but he doesn't argue too many styles, he's willing to try something out. He's basically one of the best guys to shop for, plus he doesn't have a difficult body type. For being a man that is definately a few years older than what he looks like, I'd say he's one lucky SOB. All the ladies could wish their boyfriends or husbands were this easy.

I took the ultimate compliment when a mutual colleague of ours made a comment to me last week that he was surprised at how stylish my friend was on casual days, and that he really liked his jeans. (yes I got him to finally wear the tight Buffalo ones...hee hee)

WHOO HOO! People have been noticing! I glowed like a proud teacher... ahh..

Shopping for someone else, and giving them your undivided attention, can take a toll on you after awhile. I realized that I need to CHARGE for this!

My friend & I came up with $50 per hour and $80 for 2 hours.
I have no idea if anyone would actually take me up on this... but I figure, why not? I've had multiple people ask me to go shopping with them, to help pick out clothes. It's kinda fun, like dressing up your dolls when you're a kid... but it's also time consuming, which is something I don't have plenty of. So I'm going to run some ads on craigs list and see if there are any biters?
Gosh, if I were paid to do this... I would LOVE it, and I'm sure the person I'd be dressing would as well!

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brataloid said...

OMG! I've always wanted a personal shopper. I'll keep you in mind when I can afford it.