Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Love Picasa/ Loan Modifications


I haven't put photoshop on my new computer yet, so sad... yes.

A couple of years ago this could have been death for an online media marketer, but thankfully we have so many savvy & free programs to do the basic job... and do it well.

I made a video talking about Loan Modification.
The only problem I had with this video was, after creating it and trying to upload it to You Tube, it kept getting errors. Over & Over. I searched forums, I asked my followers on twitter.. "What's up with Picasa not uploading correctly to You Tube?".

Ahem.. but doesn't Google own both of these applications? Wouldn't you think there'd be some sort of easy goal accomplished when using players from the same team? Yeah, write that down Google Gods, talk to your team captains about this.

I'm getting off the subject.
Well, I had people telling me to go convert the wav file in Windows media player, and go through about 3 other steps, that seemed like a pain in my arse.

Then this brilliant, amazing person said that if you just type in ONE word in all the required upload descriptions, i.e; your title, description, tags etc, and make sure it was public (hence, doing all this almost completely frees open the file) then like magic it will work.

Wow.. It worked and I am now LOVING the ease of creating slides for movies in Picasa. Other than I can't use multiple colors for my text in one slide, I pretty much am satisfied with most of the other options for what I need to do. They have great organic font choices as well.

You can later go in to You tube and change the settings, add your descriptions, and all the Tags to your little hearts content.

So with out further ado... here is the first video. I will clean it up a bit, and have more to come. Please share this link!!

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