Monday, February 9, 2009

Success stories!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update on a couple of our success stories this last week.

1. Negotiated the payment for a 2nd/Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)with Wells Fargo for a client who was NOT past due. We were able to save them a few hundred dollars per month in addition to fixing their term/rate.

2. A construction loan was 10 months past due. We modified their loan (again with Wells Fargo) 1 week before the sale date. We were able to save the client enough money per month that they were able set up a final payment plan for the finishes on their home.

3. We had a client that was 30 days past due with CMS. Their ARM had just begun to adjust. We fixed the loan payment for the rest of the term, saving them even more money than their original payment.

I like being able to share these stories with everyone to show what kind of work we are accomplishing, and how it is truly benefiting homeowners. I'm currently looking into putting together a seminar on getting through this economic crunch in terms of debt consolidation, loan modification, & long term savings. I've always carried my life insurance licenses from my past management positions in banking/investments, so I plan on renewing them. I have been doing research on better avenues of savings/investments outside of the typical 401k & Stock market.

I look forward to updating this soon!

In the mean time... here's a cool article "An Urgent Call to Buy Local"

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