Friday, December 12, 2008

Arguments, hypocrites & Pettiness

I've been a fan of Tim Ferriss's book The Four Hour Work Week, along with his blog.
I don't "live by" his advice. I think he has some very fresh and "clever" ideas. Some of them are recycled, painted new.. but at least he takes the time to analyze, test share.
I think it's important to read as much as possible, and make your own educated decisions on how to go on about your business in a day to day fashion.

I hadn't looked at Ferriss's blog for quite awhile, and when searching for it, I came across this "Texas start-up blog", completely bashing Ferriss and actually accusing him of "ruining lives"

For maturity sake, where is the real critical dialogue? OHMYGOD! Are you serious I thought? This is another negative person/victim, blaming someone else for the lack of accountability people carry upon themselves.

Seriously, have you ever been given advice, that you KNOW won't work for your exact situation, but figured you'd test it anyway? Right? How on earth is it another persons fault that you decided to FOLLOW the advice that you know wasn't right for you, or that it just didn't make sense or work out? Accountability people. Just like anything in life. School, work, relationships. Trial & Error. Every mistake leads to a success. I just think it's hilarious when you have people taking the time to "bash" others for stepping outside of the box, regardless of if it's right or wrong. Annnnnd who is anyone to JUDGE. I get really passionate about that topic, if you haven't noticed from my previous blogs. When one is striving for greatness, who gave anyone else the right to judge your life. Why not take a look at yourself, and what you could be doing better? Go research or learn something valuable to add depth your life.

I don't think that everyone could follow Ferriss's advice down to a "T" and have it work. For one thing.. I'm a chick (Ding ding.. first inclination that each person needs to mold information to fit for them.. HELLO) If anything I give Kudo's to Ferris for sharing his tests, theories and ideas. What works for me doesn't always work for all situations (even strikingly similar ones).

Here is an excerpt from this Texas Start-up blog (ok.. I'm going to be a COMPLETE hypocrite here for a second and laugh at the fact that it's a Texas start up.. I mean the most arrogant state in the country...oops did I just say that? me & my pettiness... damn.)
"I think The Four Hour Work Week is, at its core, a perfect example of what is wrong with America today....We as American’s need to take a long hard look at ourselves and figure out why we were put here on earth. Why were we given all of these advantages? Luke 12:48 commands, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Just as ‘hard work’ is a virtue, laziness is one of the seven deadly sins. Maybe you can get everyone else to do you work (and play), but just maybe you were put on this earth for a higher purpose. Maybe the act of hard work is an end to itself? I am not sure why, but something about Timothy’s ideas about work scare me..... (Savage-girl response: Ok REALLY? Lets take a critical look at what this texas blogger is saying... that only "hard work" <-- as in time consuming labor? is what is expected out of us? Do you think Tim Ferris is telling everyone to cut down to a 4-hour work week, in order to be lazy and sit around with that extra 36 hours?) Has he not seen the FUNDRAISING that has been developed with Ferriss's extra amount of time, the physical endurance tests he's given himself, the brain teasers, the challenges, the research, the writing... all of these things that Ferriss and many others can now do with their OWN time. How are those things not worthy in "God's" eyese. How is that not a worthy expectation for another human to spend time, 1) having fun with life, 2) helping others seek & learn, & 3) challenging themselves & others for the greater good? Has he really read the entire book and followed any of the blogs? Our Texan goes on to complain...
"Take for example how Tim uses a team in India to ‘manage his love life, arranging more than 30 dates with 30 different women in 2 days. As Tim Warren points out, “Doesn’t that seem like an arrogant and grimly functional approach to dating?” Really? Are we really to busy to screen and schedule dates? Come on."

HA .. so what? Does this person not realize that there is an "Eastern" culture outside of the US, which flourishes with arranged marriages? Surprisingly many of them work.. well. What is so arrogant about trying to find a match this way, when the old western "tried and true" of romance has not worked for him?
To be honest. I don't think I would approach romance in this way, but I can't knock it. I actually had a friend join 3 different times over the course of 2 years. She went on nearly 200 dates. She is very attractive, educated, funny, professional etc... and she ended up meeting her new husband this way, and married by age 30. That was her plan. She is truly happy, and who am I to judge? What is the difference between having a team of people in India set this type of matchmaking up, or using a system like E-Harmony or match?
All I can say is, if you're going to blog to bash... think about what you are bashing. Is it really worth the effort? or could you have spent the time in a more positive and VALUABLE state of mind to continue bettering yourself?


Alexander Muse said...

That post was written quite some time ago and since then I have learned quite a bit more about Tim. I guess it isn't uncommon for our heroes to disappoint us, but the basis for Tim's book is a lie. The stories he tells have been proven false. I thought this was settled, but it seems as though people will continue to believe in magic... :)

DrDeath said...

SG - I also follow Ferriss' blog, and have found some very important lessons in there. I haven't cut my work week down to 4 hours, nor do I think I ever will, but his message of focus on the important, and educate your life through experiences is fantastic. My only complaint about your posting is criticizing someone for criticizing something :) A great deal of life's satisfaction is understanding all the different perspectives, and embracing them - even if they are 180 degrees from your own!! Keep at it, and keep learning!

Savagegirl said...

Tim, isn't a hero to me.. maybe he has been to others. I guess my point was defending a person/situation that isn't all evil. I get a little idealistic at times, especially when it comes to Joy & Wonder.. and wonder & I think you all get the picture. Peace out home slices.